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Let's take this journey together!

About this Program...

Eager for a week-long adventure across Georgia, but not sure how to train? 

Have you been waiting out quarantine in your living room?

Been a while since you've been on a bike?

Almost anyone can be Big BRAG ready in just a few short months!

Why You Should Join Us...

2020 has been hard on us all. BRAG appreciates you hanging with us. To help you prepare to come back in 2021 with a vengeance, we have enlisted the help of RoFA Endurance to help YOU virtually prepare for the Big Week in June!

RoFa Endurance specializes in helping cyclists of all levels reach the finish line feeling confident and prepared for their personal challenge. Starting this February, we look forward to providing knowledge and training for the rolling hills and mountains you will tackle throughout the beautiful state of GA! 

We will also help you prepare for the right nutrition and training so you will want to keep riding your bike for the years to come!

A Big Thanks to YOU!

Thanks for your continued support of BRAG! This virtual training program is free.

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